Dotty (a short film)

19th jun 2015

Watching short films is a great way to improve your listening skills. Vimeo is a great platform with thousands of high quality videos on all sorts of topics. i recently watched a lovely short film directed by Mick Andrews and [...]

6 top pronunciation tips

27th abr 2015

TIP #1: LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “HAVING AN ACCENT” AND “A GOOD PRONUNCIATION” If you think about it, having an accent is not that relevant when it comes to speaking English. After all, most speakers of English were not born [...]

4 top tips to use your dictionary effectively

27th jun 2014

Learning to use your dictionary effectively is really important when learning English. With a dictionary, you can… find the meaning of a word you read or hear check the spelling of a word find out as much information as you [...]

Top tips for English learners

27th jul 2013

FACT: anyone can learn a foreign language! Yes, that includes you. You don’t need to live in a foreign country or read boring grammar books to master Englih. In fact, you only need to follow some basic rules to become [...]